A month in pictures

Last week I started my last semester of my first year as a student and it is insane how fast time has gone by. I am not sure how busy this semester will be and if I have some space to squeeze in some time to blog, but I will definitely try. You’re probably thinking “oh here she goes again with her promises” and I am terribly sorry I haven’t been keeping my promises, but I will try. Blogging always makes me happy, but I am also trying not to see it as an obligation, because I know I will start to hate it when that happens.

But you lovely lot of people, I haven’t posted anything for at least a month. To give you guys an idea of what has happened in that period of time I thought it would be fun to post a shitload of pictures.

I have always been the type to stay at home or at least in my hometown and never really go anywhere. But since this year I have been going so many new places and I realised how much I love exploring new cities and their cultures. I want to try new things and discover new places and get to know me.

One thing I discovered about myself is that if you ever spend the day with me to go anywhere new, you will probably go mad, because every beautiful thing that I see (i.e. flowers, park, buildings, food) I will and have to photograph.

The past month it’s been all about the adventure and road to self discovery; getting out of my comfort zone. There was one occasion where getting out of my comfort got a bit too much and I had a full-on mental breakdown at work, I cried for like 30 minutes straight which wasn’t really flattering in front of my colleagues, but they have all been so supportive since.

But aside from that, getting out of my familiar bubble was a wonderful experience and it  needs to happen more often. Take a look at my exciting month! (click pictures to enlarge)


Love, Larice


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